Isoplane spectrometers

With fast optics and specialized mirror coatings, the ISOPLAne ensures maximum throughput and signal-to-noise performance. With a unique optical design it eliminates astigmatism across the focal plane for superior multichannel capabilities.

  • High spectral resolution
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio
  • Abberation-free design
  • Patented astigmatism free Schmidt-Czerny-Turner design
  • Compatible with Intellical wavelength and intensity calibration

Traditional Czerny-Turner spectrographs can only measure broad, misshapen and short emission lines, Whrease the IsoPlane measures emission lines with half the width and twice the height, providing spectra with better resolution, maximising sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.


The IsoPlane® 81 (old FERGIE) – compact, imaging spectrograph encompassing UV-NIR wavelengths ideal for microspectroscopy such as Raman, fluorescence, and absorption.

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  • Aberration free
  • Optimal imaging from UV-NIR
  • 95% peak QE
  • Thermoelectric cooling to -55℃
  • IsoPlane 81 ecosystem with multiple accessories

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