Ultrastable stabilized lasers

We offer ultrastable, frequency stabilized lasers at basically any wavelength. Fully characterized systems with linewidths <1Hz and Allan deviations of 2 x 10-15 (in 1 s) as well as modules and components allowing for state-of-the-art systems tailored to customers’ needs.

Femtosecond Lasers

LIGHT CONVERSION is renowned for its industrial-grade Yb-based PHAROS, CARBIDE femtosecond lasers and FLINT femtosecond oscillators. The PHAROS series focuses on customizability, reliability, and process-tailored laser output parameters. The CARBIDE series provides a compact industrial-grade design with air- and water-cooled models, the latter reaching output power of up to 80 W. The FLINT oscillators extend the […]