Machine vision cameras & accessories

We offer compact CCD and CMOS array cameras, a linear CCD camera, and scientific-grade CCD cameras. Our General-Purpose CCD array cameras feature an external trigger input, while our General-Purpose CMOS cameras are a cost-effective alternative for applications that do not require an external trigger.

All general-purpose cameras are available in black & white or color versions. The linear CCD camera is designed for applications such as custom-built spectrometers, and features an external trigger input. Finally, our scientific CMOS and CCD cameras are solutions for microscopy, materials inspection, and other demanding quantitative imaging applications.

We offer a wide variety of C-mount camera lenses, including standard prime (fixed) lenses, zoom lenses, high-magnification zoom lenses for macro applications, and telecentric machine vision lenses. 

WHAT makes xiQ line EXCEPTIONAL:

  1. Smallest USB3 Vision camera – 26x26x21 mm
  2. Lightest and extremely robust housing with under 30 grams
  3. Lowest power consumption with under 1 Watt
  4. Fastest USB3 Vision camera with models providing 800+ fps at VGA
  5. Lowest heat dissipation
  6. First to provide board level versions with a single planar board and various connection options
  7. The most supported with Windows, Linux, ARM, macOS, Python and 30 Vision Libraries
  8. Widest interoperability of Accessories and overall vendors support
  9. Unmatched OEM customization options including adjustment of the interface, sensor, connector, enclosure etc.
  10. User-friendly with simple API control, easy switch from C to CS mount etc.

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