Veneto Inverted Microscopes

Thorlabs’ Modular Inverted Microscopy Platform provides a turnkey solution for widefield, multiphoton imaging and confocal.

Inverted microscopes are powerful and versatile research tools that can accommodate a range of applications, such as fluorescence, ex vivoin vivo, 3D, high-resolution, high-speed (video-rate), and live tissue imaging. This platform is designed to meet the needs of labs working in cell biology and other life science applications that require an inverted microscopy platform while including key features provided by our upright systems, such as multiple imaging modalities, accessory ports, and easily accessible light paths.

Optional features

Laser Scanning

  • 8 kHz and 12 kHz Resonant-Galvo-Galvo (US Patent 10,722,977) and Galvo-Resonant Scanners for High-Speed Imaging
  • Galvo-Galvo Scanners for User-Defined ROI Shapes and Photostimulation Patterns
  • Super Broadband Scan Optics Optimized for Two-Photon and Three-Photon Imaging

Signal Detection

  • Standard Multialkali or High-Sensitivity GaAsP PMTs
  • 13° Detection Module for up to Four PMTs with Confocal Imaging
  • 13° Non-Descanned Detection Module for Two PMTs with Multiphoton Imaging

Up to 7 Customizable Optical Pathways

  • 3 Paths on Bottom Tier for Laser Scanning and Widefield Imaging
  • 1 Path on Second Tier for Epi Illumination or Laser Scanning
  • 1 Path on Third Tier Behind the Objective for Non-Descanned Detection
  • 1 Transmitted Light Path
  • 1 Trinocular Path
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