TERA K15 All fiber-coupled Terahertz Spectrometer


Advanced Features and Benefits

  • NEW: >5 THz bandwidth, >90 dB dynamic range
  • Optional: Synchronizable THz-TDS system
  • Multicolor laser outputs available
  • Fast scanning delay line with >850 ps total range
  • Fast data acquisition platform without lock-in amplifier
  • Remote control and data transfer over network
Antenna modelTERA15-FC*
Spectral range>5 THz (typically 5.5 THz), for higher bandwidth ask for metal mirror option
Dynamic range>90 dB (typically 95 dB)
Total scan range>850 ps, flexible setting of scanning range and speed
THz frequency resolution<1.2 GHz
Laser specifications 
Wavelength1560 nm, alternatively 780 nm or multicolor ports
Total average output power**>500 mW at 1560 nm, > 250 mW at 780 nm
Repetition rate100 MHz, synchronizable to external source on request
Output ports for THz generation2 x fiber coupled FC/APC ports, PM fiber
Pulse duration<90 fs
Dimensions / weight 
Optical unit900 x 600 x 200 mm3, 34 kg
THz control electronics448 x 132 x 550 mm3, 8 kg
Laser control unit448 x 132 x 437 mm3, 12 kg

* See product data sheet for detailed specifications
** User can switch between 780 nm and 1560 nm port (arbitrary splitting ratios possible)


The TERA K15 fiber-coupled Terahertz spectrometer provides a complete solution for fast broadband time-domain THz spectroscopy, offering maximum flexibility for scientific THz applications.

The system includes our latest figure 9® femtosecond laser source at 1.5 μm emission wavelength, a fiber coupled optical light path with delay line, a THz wave path with THz Emitter, THz detector and TPX THz optics, control electronics and a PC with data aquisition and evaluation software. The delay line offers flexibility by covering a total range of >850 ps, and performs fast scanning up to 20 Hz. The dual detector option offers simultaneous measurements in transmission and reflection geometry. For THz imaging applications our extension unit TERA Image can be integrated into the setup, including image acquisition and reconstruction software.

Optionally, the system’s laser source can be synchronized to an external source, and can be extended by additional laser output ports at 780 nm and 1560 nm. To perform THz-TDS with optical sample excitation at those wavelengths, the TERA K15 setup can be upgraded with our THz-Pump-Probe add-on.

For special requirements - please contact us.