SWIR Cameras

High-end SWIR camera series with dual mode InGaAs sensor (Linear & Logarithmic): easy-to-use, best trade-off on market between High sensitivity & High Dynamic Range available with USB 3.0 (WiDyVISION), CameraLink (WiDyCAM) interface and GigE* (coming soon)

NIT – https://new-imaging-technologies.com/swir-products/

Near-infrared (NIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR) fluorescence is rapidly being used within medical and biological research as wavelengths in the NIR can penetrate soft tissue producing high resolution images of in vivo structures.

The second NIR window (NIR-II, 900 – 1700 nm) is of special interest as it is able to penetrate deeper into soft tissue with reduced scattering and less autofluorescence. This window also takes advantage of the water transparency window, a wavelength range in which water absorption is negligible (800 – 1400 nm).

NIRvana Family

Typical silicon based sensors are not sensitive to light above 1100 nm, so are unable to image in the SWIR/NIR-II. Therefore, InGaAs cameras are required. The NIRvana family of focal plane array InGaAs cameras offer high sensitivity in the 900 – 1700 nm range, ideal for capturing low-light NIR-II/SWIR fluorescence.

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