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Avantes semicon range of products

Avantes spectroscopic measurements solutions brings significant benefits in various stages of the semicon production processes.
We can provide in situ measurements within processing environments and facilitate near real-time analysis.
Among available applications:
Plasma diagnostics & end-point detection, wafers inspection &thin film measurments.

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Nano X-RAY optics with swiss precision!

XRnanotech manufactures the worlds most advanced optics for a wide range of X-ray applications:

Fresnel & standard zone plates, gratings & 3D structures, etc.

X-ray beam focus as precise as 5nm!

High-efficiancy process, based on electron beam lithography.

Monolithic-diamond optics, that withstands the intensity of FEL X-ray beams.

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SOPHIA family of X-Ray & Ultra low-noise CCD cameras

The SOPHIA deep-cooled camera, featuring ultra-low-noise electronics, with high sensitivity (>95% QE), speed and flexibility with multi-port readout capabilities up to 16 MHz and high frame rates.

Multiple readout modes, with independent optimized clocking and complete triggering support.

PI-MTE3 in-vacuum CCD cameras

With sensitivity in the X-ray energy range of 10 eV-30 keV, the PI-MTE3 suited for a variety of soft x-ray spectroscopy and imaging applications, such as X-ray microscopy, X-ray plasma diagnostics and EUV lithography

– Large format sensors ( 2048 x 2048 or 4096 x 4096)                          

– 100% in-vacuum testing

– 16 MHz, 4 MHz and 400 kHz readout speeds.

Lightmachinery Excimer Lasers

IPEX excimer lasers featurs exciPure technology, which represents a great improvement in excimer gas lifetime and reduction of operating costs.

With LightMachinery’s proprietary ICON (Integrated Ceramic on Nickel) technology, IPEX lasers offer long gas lifetime, excellent optical stability and precise control of laser operating parameters.

Some of the applications for IPEX excimer lasers:
Wire Stripping, Scientific Research, LIDAR, Material Processing, Drilling, Precision micro-nchining, etc.

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Thorlabs semicon inspection solutions

Profilers, detectors, and sensors – for beam diagnostics & wafer QA.

Thorlabs lenses & filters can be of use in the manufacturing process and the optical path.

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Labsphere’s HELIOS Uniform Light Source Systems

Labsphere specializes in creating optical uniform sources in vacuum environments.

Our materials, spheres (NASA approved), light sources and detectors can be designed for vacuum compatibility and stable, traceable radiometric performance.


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