The OTKB Optical Trapping Kit is a carefully-selected collection of components with which an optical trap can be constructed. The advantage to purchasing and assembling this kit is the flexibility it provides over optical trap systems built using a traditional microscope. Since the optical trap system is built using standard Thorlabs’ lens tube and cage components, it is easy to modify or upgrade the system using other standard components. The motivation in creating this kit was to provide an easy way to purchase a proven set of components with which to build an optical trap that has the flexibility required for systems being used in an advanced teaching or research laboratory. The kit is shipped disassembled and will require assembly and alignment. A step-by-step assembly instruction manual is provided with each kit. For customers who prefer to have the system shipped assembled, aligned, and tested on a breadboard, we are able to provide this at an additional cost. We also offer a module that adds computer-controlled trap positioning to the optical trap system by integrating our 2D galvo mirror system. This is described under the Steering Options tab above. If you are interested in either the assembled version or the steering module, and would like to receive a quotation, please contact David Fairbank.

For special requirements - please contact us.