Liquid Instruments Team Visited Israel!

Liquid Instruments Team Visited Israeli Academy and Industrial Customers

Last month, we let you know about Liquid Instruments joining the ROSH ELECTROPTICS portfolio as a new supplier in the field of measurements. We are thrilled to share that representatives from the company – Nandi Wu & Huntington Wagner, recently visited Israel.During their visit, they presented their advanced technology to the heads of Israel’s leading laboratories, including Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan universities, the Weizmann Institute, and other industrial and defense companies.

Huntington Wagner well summarized his experience in this visit:

“Upon my return from our trip to Israel, I can’t help but express my utmost admiration for the exceptional efforts made by Rosh and their team. Led by Rosh, we were presented with an impressive array of well-coordinated meetings, and on remarkably short notice.

The team’s ability to meticulously plan itineraries spanning multiple cities in Israel was truly commendable, allowing us to engage with a diverse mix of existing customers and potential clients from both research and industry sectors. What struck me most during our time with the Rosh team was the warmth and hospitality extended to us. Every member of their organization went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed, generously sharing their Israeli culture, rich history, and valuable personal insights into the market landscape.

It was evident that their dedication to fostering a strong partnership was as much about building a genuine connection as it was about business. The blend of professionalism and genuine camaraderie that Rosh displayed left a lasting impression on our team. Our mutual passion for collaboration and growth has solidified my excitement for the partnership between LI and Rosh. I am confident that with Rosh as our trusted partners, we will reach new heights of success and make a positive impact in the industry.”

We couldn’t ask for a better reply than this!

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