Labsphere- Remote Sensing

Labsphere is the world’s premier source for ground-based calibration systems for large earth observing satellites, imaging systems and remote sensing optical calibration solutions. We are committed to always being on the cutting edge in measurement uncertainty and system performance that enables the next generation of remote sensing, climate science, military hardware and tactical calibration.

It’s Your System…Configure it to Work for You

Labsphere’s new HELIOS line of uniform sources for luminance and radiance offers a dynamic product family combining the best features from Labsphere’s 35+ years of uniform source product innovation. All systems are delivered with LabVIEW® and intelligent components for active system configuration into your existing infrastructure.

Choose your parameters:

  • Radiance (extra-terrestrial to night vision)
  • Spectrum and Radiance Temperature (>6500K to <1500K)
  • Dynamic Range and Resolution
  • Field of View
  • Uniformity and Aperture Size

For special requirements - please contact us.