Labsphere- Image Sensor Test

Labsphere engineers comprehensive light source standards for the characterization and calibration of consumer and industry imaging products. Focal plane arrays, subassemblies, camera modules, and fully assembled cameras need characterization all along their development and production cycles to render performance for today’s demanding image-driven media, consumers and markets.

Advanced Technologies Require an Advanced Light Source

Labsphere is expanding the advanced tunable technology in our CCS camera calibration systems. Tunable spectral radiance sources tailored to meet your specific sensor calibration requirements.

Finally, a smart metrology source that puts you in control.

Market Challenges:

  • The accelerating pace of imaging and sensor technologies demand more sophisticated metrology than traditional solutions
  • Limited options of uniform light sources available for color sensitive response calibrations
  • Internally developed metrology solutions can require specialized resources, time and cost

Solution: A programmable multi spectral LED based tunable light engine that can provide an endless number of user selected spectrums for uniformly illuminating spectral sensitive image sensors.

  • Unlimited Programmable Spectrum Control: SPECTRAL OPTIMIZATION WITH INDIVIDUAL DIE CONTROL FROM 390nm to 950nm
  • Adaptable: Scalable, rugged, flexible
  • Performance: Designed and characterized so you don’t have to

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