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Diffuse reflectance is used to calibrate spectrophotometer and imagers, scatter light, control light levels and make light insensitive to directionality. Labsphere makes some of the best diffuse reflectance materials on earth and in space.  Here are just a few applications of our renowned materials

Awaken the Force for Your Space Applications

Labsphere’s Space-Grade Spectralon® Reflectance Material has gained wide acceptance as a reflecting diffuse material for terrestrial remote sensing applications for both field and laboratory applications. Space-Grade Spectralon combines high reflectance with an extremely Lambertian reflectance profile.

Space-Grade Spectralon has undergone extensive testing for UV exposure, Proton bombardment, atomic oxygen exposure, a-Lyman radiation, outgassing and static charge testing by national laboratories, such as Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Goddard Space Flight Center, TRW, and CSEM. This testing has led to the development of a stringent manufacturing process that eliminates potential contaminants which lead to UV degradation.

Lightweight and Durable Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Repeatable, durable targets to characterize and calibrate LIDAR sensors over a broad range of ambient conditions. Highly Durable, Lightweight Targets up to 125 x 245 cm.

No other options compare
• Lightweight • Tailorable • Uniform • Durable • Easy to Clean

• Time of Flight • Ground Truth • Imager Calibration • Sensor/Source Compensation • LIDAR

Why grey painted cards, fabrics and paper may put you at a disadvantage…

For imaging applications your grey target solution must work for a wide variety of lighting environments and still maintain its appearance. Most importantly it has to have uniform spectral response. It also must be thermally and physically durable, UV light stable, thermally color stable, no gloss, no polarization and no fluorescence. If your grey target solutions do not meet these requirements, you need Permaflect.

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