Imaging & Spectroscopy cameras

SpectraPro® HRS

The SpectraPro® HRS ensures high spectral resolution, as well as an astigmatism-corrected design for multichannel fiber applications. With dual exit ports the SpectraPro HRS can be used as two array detectors or as both a monochromator and spectrograph.

  • 60% improvement in spectral resolution and SNR
  • Astigmatism-corrected optical system
  • Interchangeable grating turrets
  • Calibrated with IntelliCal system
  • Optimised for multi-detector operation

BLAZE Revolutionary High-Speed Cameras for Spectroscopy

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Introducing BLAZE Spectroscopy CCD cameras. Thanks to revolutionary new sensors with up to 3X higher NIR sensitivity and low dark current, there are no better cameras than BLAZE for demanding applications such as Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence or photoluminescence. BLAZE gives you blazing spectral rates up thousands of spectra per second. For low light applications, BLAZE delivers True -100º C cooling for ultra-low dark current, ideal for long exposures. No other scientific low-light spectroscopy detector camera can match BLAZE’s performance and ease of use. With BLAZE, spectroscopy will never be the same!

Key features of BLAZE cameras include the following:

  • Super Sensitive – Up to 75% QE @ 1000 nm
  • Blazing Fast – Dual 16 MHz readouts
  • ArcTec™ technology for -95°C in air and True -100°C with 20°C liquid
  • Fully supported by 64-bit LightField software

BLAZE incorporates two revolutionary new spectroscopy sensors making it the ideal spectroscopy camera. HR-Sensors are super deep depletion devices offering the highest NIR quantum efficiency of any spectroscopic CCD. LD-Sensors are deep depletion devices designed for extremely low dark current, allowing long exposures in demanding spectroscopic applications.

Key applications include:Raman Spectroscopy | Photoluminescence | Nanoparticle Research
Carbon Nanotube Studies | Pump-Probe Experiments | Fluorescence | Micro-Spectroscopy

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