Imaging Photometers & beam pattern mesurments

Capture precise luminance measurements with this proven imaging photometer series, based upon the advanced Sony Pregius® CMOS sensors. These compact, portable, and lightweight instruments deliver unmatched performance.

Beam Pattern Measurement System – BP100

The BP100 is purpose-made for luminous intensity measurement of lamps, using a diffusely transmitting screen to provide a flat image that can be measured by an imaging photometer.

A low cost, versatile solution in comparison to the traditional method of measuring lamp properties as a function of angle of emission, using Goniometers that are often costly and dedicated for one specific measurement.

Without having to extend the rails or increase the screen size, the BP100 is well suited to measuring the beam patterns of lamps up to 25 mm in diameter and at wide angles. You can also accommodate larger lamps with an enlarged mechanics configuration.

• Share the imager for other measurements in the lab

• Assemble and disassemble this solution in minutes
• Acquire 2D high dynamic range images in second• Otain high resolution measurements

  • High resolution, typically 0.01°
  • Fast acquisition and analysis
  • Standard or custom arrays of test points
  • Pass / fail analysis
  • Menu-driven setup & measurement
  • Supports a wide range of measurement geometries
  • Export to IES or CSV file.
  • Wide-ranging analyses with Photometrica

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