Image Sensor Characterization Systems

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Image Sensor QE and Spectral Responsivity Characterization

Labsphere’s Spectra-QT Quantum Tunable Irradiance/Radiance Calibration Source provides control of known levels of uniform monochromatic light over the spectral sensitivity range of silicon-based optical sensors for test and characterization imaging sensors for spectral responsivity and quantum efficiency, linearity, bad pixel and clusters of image sensors.

Spectra-FT Fine Tunable Calibration Sources

Spectra-FT Fine Tunable Calibration Sources are engineered for the high performance requirements in image sensor production testing and calibration.

High Dynamic Range Test and Calibration:

Spectra-PT Power Tunable Spectral Calibration Sources

A great all-around uniform source system for simple camera and sensor testing. Combining speed and accuracy in a basic design, Spectra-PT Power Tunable Spectral Calibration Sources are ideal for flat fielding and calibrating cameras and sensors for photometric and radiometric response.

Spectra-UT Ultra Tunable Spectral Calibration Sources

Spectra-UT Ultra Tunable Spectral Calibration Sources use a continuous-spectrum light source and polychromator technology to offer incomparable control over generated spectral waveforms.

Capable of producing a near-perfect match to almost any target spectral waveform in the visible-light region by using a sophisticated spectral matching algorithm. It can render narrow-band targets on the order of 10 nm full-width half-max, broad VIS spectra and complex shapes.

Solid State Flat Fielding Sources from 2800K to 7500K (USD)

Spectra-CT integrating sphere based uniform light sources utilize warm white and cool white LEDs controlled by a high-precision programmable DC power supply. With the active cooling system inside, the output is kept stable over a broad range of luminance levels up to 50,000 cd/m2.

Select from three CT-1000 product models ranging from 5 cm luminance port to 20 cm luminance port

  • CT-1000-L: Color Tunable Source over 0.1 to 5000 cd/m2
  • CT-1000-M: Color Tunable Source over 0.5 to 25,000 cd/m2
  • CT-1000-S: Color Tunable Source over 1 to 50,000 cd/m2

SSL Solid State Luminance/Color Standards

Labsphere’s Solid State Luminance (SSL) and Chromaticity Standards are highly stable and accurate cool white solid state integrating sphere luminance and color standards (calibration sources) that enables accurate and reproducible calibration of display test equipment across devices.

Many mobile devices have LCD displays that are backlit with cool white LEDs. These LEDs have a strong peak in the blue region to excite the phosphor that produces the visible cool white appearance.

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