FIBRAIN – now in Israel

Rosh Electroptics LTD introducing FIBRAIN Group!

Fibrain is a leading EU manufacturer from Poland, specializing in passive fiber optics -active in the field of optical telecommunications (with telecom optical fiber and optical cables), in addition to specialized fiber optics and photonics.

Fibrain extensive range of capabilities include:

  • Specialty optical fibers and cablecontractual preform manufacturing,
  • Thermal processing of fibers (for thermally expanded cores TECs, mode field adapters MFA, fiber endface lenses, fiber FBT couplers, fiber bundles, long period gratings LPG or splicing of very dissimilar fibers),
  • Micro-optics alignment (utilized for making optical filters, optical splitters, polarization beam splitters PBS, etc.).
  • Polarization maintaining PM devices (including filters or patchcords),
  • Customized optical patchcords (for example for non-standard wavelengths, very low loss, or with endcaps or PM patchcords)

With such diverse capabilities the company is able to develop and deliver products aiming at many different application fields, among them optical sensing and structural health monitoring, scientific experiments, lasers and optical instruments, defense&aerospace, etc.

Featured products:

  1. Nonlinear fiber modules for spectrally shifting of femtosecond pulses from 1030 nm or 1550 nm region towards longer wavelengths,
  2. Endface focusing lenses for 850 nm,
  3. Very low loss 980 nm patchcords – average IL 0.11 dB!
  4. Optical filters working in cryo (liquid nitrogen or liquid helium) temperatures,     
  5. Mode expanders – more than 4 times expansion possible.
  6. Sensing cables for strain and temperature sensing.

For special requirements - please contact us.