The Ultimate in Speed, Precision, and Peace of Mind

The thermoelectrically cooled ProEM-HS family of cameras incorporates back-illuminated electron- multiplying CCDs (EMCCDs) with proprietary eXcelon3 technology. These state-of-the-art EMCCD cameras enable a wide variety of low-light-level imaging and spectroscopy applications for scientific research and industrial R&D.

ProEM EMCCD camera systems include the following key features:

  • Patented eXcelon3 technology for highest UV-to-NIR sensitivity
  • Unique vacuum technology backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Spectra-kinetics mode and ultra-high-speed readout mode
  • EM gain calibration via OptiCAL with built-in light source
  • Simple, high speed GigE interface
  • Powerful 64-bit LightField software
The embodiment of Princeton Instruments’ 30+ years of low-noise, high-performance scientific camera design expertise, ProEM-HS imaging and spectroscopy systems are utilized to perform revolutionary research in leading labs around the world.

These cameras provide all of the essentials for tackling demanding low-light-level applications such as hyperspectral Raman imaging and single-molecule fluorescence, in which EM gain provides single-photon sensitivity. The ProEM-HS camera series supports high-resolution, back-illuminated EMCCDs with exclusive eXcelon3 sensor technology that reduces troublesome etaloning while increasing sensitivity in the UV and NIR. Sustained spectral rates of up to 20 kHz are achievable

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