Rosh Electroptics is now the representative of Liquid Instruments in Israel!​

Rosh Electroptics is now the representative of Liquid Instruments in Israel!

We are happy to announce that Rosh Electroptics is now the representative of Liquid Instruments test and measurement products in Israel. As a company representing the world’s leading electro-optics suppliers, we believe that Liquid Instruments is a valuable addition to our portfolio and the Israeli market.

Liquid Instruments offers advanced and flexible software-defined solutions, perfect for all your test and measurement needs. Their modern, FPGA-based Moku devices are fully customizable and deliver a seamless user experience. Now you can quickly access more than 10 software-defined instruments — from test essentials like an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to advanced tools like a lock-in amplifier and laser lock box — with a single device at a fraction of the cost. Liquid Instruments releases software upgrades regularly, so every Moku device gets even more powerful over time. It is easy to enable new features with a simple download.

Instead of spending hours configuring complicated systems, Moku enables you to start testing in minutes. The advantages of Moku extend beyond the lab to classrooms, automated test racks, and field deployments. Because Moku is designed for seamless network connectivity, distributed teams do not have to worry about the frustrations of trying to remotely connect to their device. Now you can collaborate in real time, streamline your workflow, and get up and running in minutes. With Moku, experience a completely new way of testing today.

Are you interested in learning more about this revolutionary measurement equipment? Attend an exclusive webinar on July 26 hosted by Jessica Patterson, a technical marketing engineer at Liquid Instruments. You will gain expert insights on the benefits of software-defined instrumentation and hear tips and strategies to optimize the performance of your Moku device, from basic usability techniques to advanced applications. To register, click here.

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