Direct-Attach Beam Splitter / Combiner

The Beam Splitter gives you a flexible option for using dual light sources or spectrometers. The small size of the beam splitter allows it to directly mount to the front of any AvaSpec spectrometer or AvaLight lightsource, eliminating the fiber interface.

image 3
Example of a combined application

Variable in line / direct attachement filter holders

Avantes offers the FH-DA series of filter holders. They can hold 0.5 inch filters with thicknesses of 1 to 8 mm.

The filter holders are equipped with a quartz collimating lens for the UV/VIS/NIR range.

Both in-line filter holders come with two quartz collimating lenses of the UV/VIS/NIR range.

We offer a wide range of round 12 mm filters.

Cuvette holders

Variable length path, temperature-controlled and sample cuvette holders are available.

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